Intellij WSL2 move window

I really love running Intellij from Windows Subsystem for Linux 2. There are a few rough edges, one of them is this: Fairly often a window or dialog box will show up partially off the edge of one of my monitors, and there's no easy way to move the window; the Alt/Space keyboard combo that works in Windows won't do it. Alt/F7 (Ubuntu keyboard combo) doesn't do it.

Here's a workaround:

  1. Install xdotool (sudo apt update && sudo apt install xdotool)
  2. Run this command: xdotool selectwindow windowmove 50 50
  3. Now mouse-over the window you need to move, and as your mouse arrives over the window, the mouse pointer will change - just click on the window and POW! your window will be on your LEFTMOST monitor, 50 pixels below the top, 50 pixels from the left side.

Carry on with what you're doing!