NoSQL Workbench won't start: Ubuntu

I'm learning about NoSQL and DynamoDB. I love it so far!

This morning I tried to install the NoSQL Workbench from Amazon Web Services on 2 different computers running Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

It was a super frustrating process to say the least.

I downloaded the installer, ran it, and nothing. The installer left a new directory  ~/DynamoDBWorkbench the AWS docs say to look for a launcher in /usr/local/programs/DynamoDBWorkbench/.

I looked in there and saw an executable

NoSQL Workbench AppImage

and tried to launch it:

GPU process isn't usable. Goodbye.

I could find NOTHING about this error in any of the AWS documentation, zero troubleshooting steps for problems with the installer.

I was about to give up until I found a reference to the "GPU process isn't usable" error message on this link:

It suggests to append --in-process-gpu to the application command like this: ./NoSQL\ Workbench-linux-3.7.0.AppImage --in-process-gpu

./NoSQL\ Workbench-linux-3.7.0.AppImage --in-process-gpu

VICTORY! Problem solved.