AWS Databases Skill Assessment

Here's my score from last time (I only got 119 out of 300!)

Here are all 20 questions - the question, then the answer.

  1. You are managing an Aurora DB Cluster and a considerable amount of Aurora Data was removed resulting in a substantial amount of allocated but unused space. You created and restored a snapshot, but this didn't reduce the allocated storage. How can the amount allocated, but unused, be decreased?

2. You are creating a DynamoDB table, and the requirement is that this table supports 10 strongly consistent reads per second for items up to 4 KB. How many Read Capacity Units should this table have?  

3. What command is used to create a database backup in either SQL or delimited-text format from an existing MySQL Database?

4. What is the Amazon RDS Event Category?

5. What is gained from selecting Multi-AZ during the deployment of a Database Migration Server (DMS) replication instance?

6. An AWS administrator is creating a MYSQL database (DB) instance. There is a requirement for a standby mirror of the DB instance in another Availability Zone (AZ) for failover support. What should the AWS Administrator do?

7. What are Aurora Replicas?

8. What are the DB Cluster Prerequisites for the VPC to create an Amazon Aurora DB Cluster?

9. An AWS Administrator is creating a DB Snapshot in RDS. What command can be used to create a DB Snapshot using the AWS CLI on Windows?

aws rds create-db-snapshot --db-instance-identifier mydbinstance --db-snapshot-identifier mydbsnapshot

10. What is the default port for a Redis cluster?

TCP 6379

11. Which best describes the migration process of an RDS MySQL Snapshot to an AWS RDS Aurora service in AWS?

12. What are the Aurora Auto Scaling Policies components to adjust the number of Aurora Replicas in an Aurora DB Cluster?

13. What is Amazon DynamoDB Secondary Index?

14. What command connects a Linux EC2 instance to a Redis cluster using AWS CLI?

src/redis-cli -c -h yourclusterendpoint -p 6379

15. You recently completed a migration of a 50TB database to AWS using the database migration service (DMS). The migration took a long time and users complained of a slowdown in network and Internet performance. You have several other large databases to migrate. How can you prevent users from experiencing the same performance issues?

16. What operation inserts an item into DynamoDB?


17. You are creating a scheduled periodic backup. After researching AWS Management Console and AWS CLI capabilities, you are not able to find a solution to schedule backups. Looking at the AWS Management Console, you decide to use AWS Lambda functions to schedule an automated backup trigger for the On-Demand DynamoDB Backup. How can you create this serverless solution?

18. Where can the AWS user find the Microsoft SQL Server DB Endpoint using the AWS Management Console?